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The U.S. Army Southern European Task Force (SETAF) was formally activated during a ceremony on 25 October 1955.[14][15] Members from the 501st Transportation Squadron, Kaiserslautern, Germany, and C Company, 3rd Battalion, 325th Infantry Brigade (Airborne Combat Team, (ABCT)), Southern European Task Force (SETAF), Vicenza, Italy, and the Task Force 51, Mannheim Germany, bring a convoy of fresh water for Rwandan refugees located at Camp Kimbumba, Zaire. The headquarters, commanded by Major General John H. Michaelis, was temporarily established at Camp Darby with units stationed in Vicenza and Verona. Shortly after activation, SETAF moved the headquarters to Verona, to Caserma Passalacqua. Troop strength reached 10,000 and SETAF was formally established with a U.S.-Italian agreement.
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