Amplivox Audio Portable Buddy


The perfect companion for LCD projectors, this portable speaker-amplifier combination is ideal for audiences of up to 1,000 in rooms up to 10,000 sq. ft. Built-in 50W amplifier with 6 x 8 Jensen-design speaker delivers crisp, clear sound. Rugged, highly portable design keeps everything contained in a 4-lb. Carrying case with a handle and shoulder strap. Amp has three mic inputs (condenser, dynamic and wireless), auxiliary input jacks with separate tone/volume controls for CD players and multimedia projectors as well as line-out jacks for additional speakers or recording. Wireless Audio Portable Buddy Dual-channel internal wireless receiver lets presenters roam up to 300 ft. Power Source: ten D Batteries (sold separately). Maximum Battery Operation Time: 200 h. Includes Wireless Audio Portable Buddy, headset and lapel mics, transmitter and multimedia cables. 13 x 3 x 10. Shipping Weight 6 lbs. Manufacturers limited six-year warranty. UL Listed.

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