Consumer Fireworks 1.4G Explosives Poster


We publish and distribute a series of security awareness training posters which are exclusive to Inert Products, LLC. These are new, modern, full color posters, mainly measuring and 30" x 30" (inches) and some even larger sizes. All posters are laminated (both sides) to be tough and long lasting. We also have posters covering many other topics and picture a wide variety of improvised, commercial, and military explosive items / devices, explosives hazmat classification, IEDs, VBIEDs, suicide attack devices, WMDs, terrorist weapons and devices, firing devices, IED circuit schematics, as well as smuggling devices and narcotics related posters as well. Many of these posters were produced directly from our custom display boards which are much more costly to manufacture. We are in the process of developing more posters and they will be added as they become available. All of our products are copyrighted by INERT PRODUCTS, LLC. Any form of unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited. Our products are restricted to official training use only.

We can also custom print our posters in different languages. Contact us to discuss your requirements, for price quotes or custom posters.

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