DVP-FX950 Portable DVD Player


Enjoy your favorite movies on the road with the DVP-FX950 portable DVD player. Boasting a large, 9-inch high-resolution widescreen display and up to 7.5 hours of battery life, this portable device is ideal for long flights and car rides. Conveniently located touch keys and a 180 degree swivel and flip screen make it a breeze to operate and watch your favorite shows. Portable player lets you view your personal photo albums and plays your music CDs and burned MP3 files. Share audio and video with a friend via two built-in headphone jacks. Includes remote control and a car battery charger. Audio D/A Converter: 12 bit/108Mhz. Video D/A Converter: 12bit/108MHz. Includes DVD player, remote, battery charger, car charger, A/V cable, AC adaptor. 19 1/8w x 11 7/8d x 3 11/12h. Manufacturers limited one-year warranty. Shpg. Wt. 5 lbs.

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